Rainbow Bags

Rainbow Bags

Rainbow Bags – Free Pattern Round Up

Get yourself organized with these fun Rainbow Bags! All of them fun, colorful and sturdy.

They are  so versatile they can be used for so many different things. Use them to carry crochet projects, or you could use it as a beach bag, lunch bag or line it for extra strength and use it as an every day purse too!

Great additions to your usual assortment of bags, also great for charity donations as a treatment bags to transport the items needed.

  1. Classic Tote Bag
  2. X Stitch Market Bag
  3. Paliki Pocket Tote
  4. Summer Tote
  5. Rainbow Dash Tote Bag
  6. Coastal Beach Bag
  7. Rainbow Runner Tote Bag
  8. Summer Fun Market/Beach Tote

 Rainbow Bags - Free Pattern Round Up | Pattern Plaza

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